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Track your invoices

For invoices submission and tracking, select the company you are invoicing:

Remember that if you are onboarded on the SAP Ariba platform and you receive your PO via the platform, you must also submit your invoice through it.

Invoice Tracking Portal 

Our new Invoice Tracking Portal is hosted on SAP Ariba. It allows you to have a view of the status of your invoices and payments and also to download these documents if required.

To access this portal, you need:

  • To have an account in SAP Ariba
  • To have been granted access to the portal 

Below, you can find some additional information.

You can check how to track your invoice step-by-step in the following videos: English / French / Chinese / Italian / German

First, you log in Ariba using your login credentials.

Once connected, you will be able to navigate to the portal using the classical view in ARIBA Network or using the new view.

Under "my widgets", in the "application gateway" area, select our invoice portal.


Access this form and choose “Invoice Tracking Portal” in the “Type of query" section.

Through the form, please provide us:

  • Your ANID (Ariba Network ID)
  • Your Company name
  • Your VAT registration number or Tax ID (as applicable) 
  • Your address (city, postal code)  

We will come back to you once your access has been granted.


1/ If you do not have an SAP Ariba account, you need first to create one

Please follow the steps below: 

Ariba Registration
  1. Go to supplier’s SAP Ariba Network login page
  2. Click “Register Now” to create a free, standard account on Ariba Network.
  3. Follow the steps in the registration wizard.



Once you have provided all requested information, you then proceed to activate your account. You receive an email confirming your account registration and you must click on the link in the email to effectively activate your account,

Your ANID (Ariba Network ID) is now created.

Note: To know what your ANID is, click on your initials on the upper-right corner of the application, then “Settings”. You can then see your ANID (ANxxxxxxxxxxx).

Need more information? Check out the new account registration section on learning center for more information, here.

2/ You can now request access to our new Invoice Tracking Portal following the instructions details above (“I have an account in SAP Ariba and was not yet invited to access the new Invoice tracking portal - what should I do?”