Purchase Order & Delivery

As a supplier, when selling goods or providing services to Solvay should I request a Purchase Order?

Yes. You are entitled to have a formal commitment from Solvay, via a Purchase Order submitted to you.

How can a supplier ensure that the payment terms will be respected?

The payment term that is quoted on the Solvay Purchase Order you receive will be the one respected.

I received an email with a weblink to accept my Purchase Order? What is required?

Solvay requires that suppliers confirm the Purchase Order conditions through this link. The email you have received will have one of 2 possible links, either accept Purchase order conditions via SAP Ariba (preferred) or an internal web link created for that purpose (until you receive the SAP Ariba link)

To know more about Solvay’s approach with SAP Ariba visit our page

Will I receive all future purchase orders through SAP Ariba?

From the moment we send you the first purchase order with the SAP Ariba link, all Solvay Purchase Orders will go through SAP Ariba, with the exception of consignment, subcontracting or invoicing plan purchase orders which will be sent via an email with a PDF and weblink.

Should I continue to confirm orders via email or fax?

No, when provided with a Solvay Purchase Order via email containing a link, confirmation of your purchase orders (PO) conditions must be done on SAP Ariba platform directly, in case you have not yet received the link for SAP Ariba a temporary internal one is provided. 
When you confirm the purchase order conditions, it is recorded in our SAP system.

Today I am not sending any purchase order confirmation, do I have to start doing it?

Yes, Solvay requires you to acknowledge the purchase order (PO).

How do I contact the Solvay Provisioning department?

A webform has been built for contact purposes, to allow a faster and more efficient routing and response. This webform is made available once you receive an email with a purchase order, when clicking on the link to confirm the Solvay Purchase Order which also be found here.
Note: Email correspondence, will only be possible once the webform is submitted.

Invoice & Payment

When should the invoice be issued?

As best practice, the invoice should be issued by the supplier after delivery of goods or service.

Where should the invoice be submitted to?

To know the place where to submit your invoice, check our Track your invoice page and filter accordingly with your region, country and Solvay site entity you are supplying.

Requirement: 1 Invoice per Solvay PO

Which document will be considered legally as the original invoice?

If you are exchanging purchase orders and invoices with Solvay via Ariba Network:

  • For Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, United States and Canada : the invoice generated by you via SAP Ariba network ( xml invoice) becomes the only official and legal document.
  • In case you are not in this list of countries you are required to attach your original invoice when doing the PO-FLIP in Ariba. The attachment (your original invoice) remains the official and legal document.

If you are NOT exchanging purchase orders and invoices with Solvay via Ariba Network:

PDF or paper invoice (depending on your country's fiscal rules) is still required. Your original invoice remains the official and legal document

Once I’m connected with SAP Ariba, is there any alternative way of submitting invoices?

No, all the invoices related to the purchase orders received via Ariba platform have to be submitted via SAP Ariba platform. 
For purchase orders sent to you before your connection to SAP Ariba platform or via email with a different web link then the SAP Ariba platform connection, in these cases, please proceed with the invoice submission as before. 

How can I track the status of my invoice?

To know the status of your invoice check our Track your invoice page

How do I contact the Solvay Accounts Payable department?

A webform has been built for contact purposes, to allow a faster and more efficient routing and response. This webform is made available through the invoice tracking tool page

Note: Email correspondence, will only be possible once the webform is submitted.

When I create the invoice in SAP Ariba, does it also record in the supplier’s accounting system?

Only for SAP Ariba Integrated accounts. In case you have a Standard or Enterprise account, you will need to generate the invoice in your accounting system and in SAP Ariba Platform separately.

Can we attach supporting documents on the platform while submitting invoices?  

Yes, Solvay accepts attachments to the SAP Ariba Platform invoices. Ensure you only attach relevant information for invoicing.

Will Solvay make payments using the Ariba Network?

No, Ariba Network is not a payment platform. Solvay will continue to use the current payment process.

How can I create an invoice with the VAT Reg# different from the one in my Ariba account?

By default your invoice will be created with the VAT Reg# you they have inserted in your account. If you wish to create the invoice with a different VAT Reg# you will have to insert it manually during the invoice creation process.

Account Management

I already have an SAP Ariba account, what should I do?

When you are invited by Solvay to join the SAP ARIBA Network to exchange purchase orders and invoices, you can choose from one of the following options:

  • Register as a new user and choose a new password creating a new ARIBA Network account.
  • Login with your existing user and password connecting with Solvay via your already existing account.
Is it possible for multiple users in my company to connect to the SAP Ariba platform?

Yes, it's possible. You have to set up an account for an administrator. The administrator will then be able to create up to 250 users and grant them specific authorization.

Solvay invited me to a Standard account but I want to have an Enterprise one. What do I have to do?

Check out our section about account management in ARIBA Network in our page SAP ARIBA @Solvay - manage account

I want to have an Integrated account (system to system connection) via SAP ARIBA platform with Solvay, what do I need to do?

Send the request to your Solvay key commercial contact, that will help arrange it.

I want to join SAP ARIBA platform with Solvay, but I have not been contacted, what do I have to do?
  • Solvay is currently developing the option for you to request the exchange of purchase orders and invoices, will be available soon.
  • If you want to know how to access ARIBA Network to check your invoice status, please consult our Track your invoice page

SAP Ariba - additional information

What is SAP Ariba Platform?

SAP Ariba is an on-line platform that allows you to receive and acknowledge electronic Purchase Orders (PO), submit electronic invoices and track the status of those documents.

Do I need to install additional hardware or software?

No, Ariba Network use is web-based, therefore all you require to access SAP Ariba platform is a browser and internet access. 

What is Solvay’s expectation from the supplier? 

Solvay is actively phasing out the processing of paper and pdf for Purchase Orders and invoices to take advantage of the benefits electronic PO & invoicing provides.

What are the benefits for me as a supplier?

You will have real-time visibility of your documents, fewer errors when processing those documents, secure and guaranteed invoice delivery, faster invoices processing time and therefore quicker payment process.

Is there an impact on my payment terms?

No, no impact on the payment terms negotiated with Solvay.

Do I have to pay to use the platform?

No, the use of the platform is FREE of charge for Solvay suppliers.

Do the commercial agreements change?

No, the commercial agreements remain unchanged.

How do I get started? When, as a Solvay supplier or a new supplier, will I use the SAP Ariba platform?

Solvay started the onboarding in 2019 and organizes the suppliers deployment per wave. Current and new suppliers will be contacted personally and receive an invitation letter. 

Is this a global approach? If global, will I need a separate Ariba account for each country?

Yes, the initiative is global but the deployment is per country. You can use separate accounts or one global account, it is your choice.

Not all subsidiaries of my corporate group received the invite to join the Ariba Network. Can they join?

We do our best to onboard all companies of your group. Currently, our geographical scope is limited to Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, United States, Canada.

Does my company need to adopt the Ariba catalog functionality to join the Ariba Network for e-Invoicing?

No, catalog on Ariba is a different solution and is not a prerequisite for e-invoicing. If you have a Catalog defined with Solvay, then Catalog must be implemented before we start with Commerce Automation.

Why do I see ‘Copy of invoice’ on the PDF?

The reason why the PDF is marked as ‘Copy of Invoice’ is because the cXML document is the official legal invoice.