Strategic Sourcing

What are the criteria applied for supplier selection?

We apply different sets of weighted criteria to select our suppliers. In addition to commercials and technical qualifications, we also rate Innovation, CSR, Risks amongst others.

Purchase Order & Delivery

You received an email with a weblink to accept our Purchase Order? What is required?

We require that you confirm the Purchase Order conditions through the link received.

Will I receive all future purchase orders through SAP Ariba?

Once you have received your first PO via Ariba, you will receive all your future orders the same way.

Which payment terms are applicable?

The payment terms quoted on the Purchase Order

How do I contact the Solvay PO department?

Contact us using the web form.
Note: Email correspondence will only be possible once the webform is submitted.

As a Solvay supplier, how can I report a Cyberattack?

Report it to 

I have received a Purchase Order from Solvay (not via ARIBA) with a link to confirm the conditions. Do I have to confirm all the items at the same time?

Yes. When you are confirming /acknowledging the Purchase Order you are confirming all the Purchase Order conditions and items. When you are dispusting an item you are also accepting all other items.

I'm not sure about a delivery date or a quantity for a specific item(s) within the expected time frame of 5 days. What should I do?

Provide an estimate. Within this period you can already propose an alternative delivery date or quantity.

Once this is completed, if you need to submit an adjustment to the item you may submit a ticket to our services, to re-open the particular purchase order item and you may add a new date or quantity. All the other conditions and attachments are considered as accepted based on the previous confirmation.

Important note: You must mention the Purchase Order and item number you would like to re-open.

Invoice & Payment

Where should the invoice be submitted to?

Check our Track your invoices page

Requirement: Each invoice should refer to one single Purchase Order


If you are an Italian supplier your invoice must be sent exclusively in electronic format (XLM layout) to the Interchange System (SDI) using the code:

NTWC6DK , dedicated to the Company Solvay Solutions Italia

MLDZX4Q , dedicated to the Company PERFORMANCE POLYAMIDES IT

HT0D6H7, dedicated to the Company Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy

RVLIKN1, dedicated to the Company Solvay Chimica Italia S.p.A.

GHQDCV6, dedicated to the Company Solvay SA

O9WDL2W, dedicated to the Company Cogeneration Spinetta S.p.A.

Once you are connected with SAP Ariba, is there any alternative way of submitting invoices?

No, you should use the SAP ARIBA platform

How do I contact the Solvay Accounts Payable department?

Contact us using the web form.

Note: Email correspondence will only be possible once the webform is submitted.

SAP Ariba - additional information

What is SAP Ariba Platform?

SAP Ariba is an on-line platform that allows you to receive and acknowledge electronic Purchase Orders (PO), submit electronic invoices and track the status of those documents.

Do I need to install additional hardware or software?

No, Ariba Network use is web-based, therefore all you require to access SAP Ariba platform is a browser and internet access. 

What is Solvay’s expectation from the supplier? 

Solvay is actively phasing out the processing of paper and pdf for Purchase Orders and invoices to take advantage of the benefits electronic PO & invoicing provides.

What are the benefits for me as a supplier?

You will have real-time visibility of your documents, fewer errors when processing those documents, secure and guaranteed invoice delivery, faster invoices processing time and therefore quicker payment process.

Is there an impact on my payment terms?

No, no impact on the payment terms negotiated with Solvay.

Do I have to pay to use the platform?

No, the use of the platform is FREE of charge for Solvay suppliers.

Do the commercial agreements change?

No, the commercial agreements remain unchanged.

How do I get started? When, as a Solvay supplier or a new supplier, will I use the SAP Ariba platform?

Solvay started the onboarding in 2019 and organizes the suppliers deployment per wave. Current and new suppliers will be contacted personally and receive an invitation letter. 

Is this a global approach? If global, will I need a separate Ariba account for each country?

Yes, the initiative is global but the deployment is per country. You can use separate accounts or one global account, it is your choice.

Not all subsidiaries of my corporate group received the invite to join the Ariba Network. Can they join?

We do our best to onboard all companies of your group. Currently, our geographical scope is limited to Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, United States, Canada.

Does my company need to adopt the Ariba catalog functionality to join the Ariba Network for e-Invoicing?

No, catalog on Ariba is a different solution and is not a prerequisite for e-invoicing. If you have a Catalog defined with Solvay, then Catalog must be implemented before we start with Commerce Automation.

Why do I see ‘Copy of invoice’ on the PDF?

The reason why the PDF is marked as ‘Copy of Invoice’ is because the cXML document is the official legal invoice.