Solvay at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

aabc Europe


Having consistently increased its efforts to attain to high energy density at affordable cost and without compromising on safety, Solvay will be proposing its innovative, comprehensive offer of enabling materials for high voltage solutions to battery manufacturers exhibiting at the tenth European AABC event.

With a view to increasing battery capacity, cyclability and safety, Solvay’s portfolio includes electrolyte ingredients as well as binders for electrodes and coatings for separators. Our specialty polymers are also ideal candidates for metal replacement in battery packs and, as fluids, are safer coolants for precision temperature control."

Join us for a presentation on new developments in polymers used in Li Ion Battery 

Attend "Upgrade your Polymers Choice to Improve for your Higher Performance Li Ion Batteries" on Thursday, January 16 at 11:50 , a presentation  by Rui Liu, Global Marketing Manager – Batteries, Solvay Specialty Polymers.

Be in the know about such winning products as our Solef® PVDF, a partially-fluorinated, semi-crystalline polymer with outstanding thermo-mechanical and chemical properties, used as a binder in both electrodes formulation and separator coatings. Also, check out our additives and electrolytes LiTFSI, F1EC, TAB, LiFSI, LiTA (Lithium Triflate) and F2EC, for high Voltage Systems."

Visit us at Stand-No. 206

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