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29 Jan 2024
02 Feb 2024

Grande Lakes Orlando - FL - United States

Advancing Cleaning Innovation (ACI) Annual Meeting & Industry Convention

Solvay is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting & Industry Convention. The event, scheduled for JAN 29 - FEB 2 in Orlando, Florida, is set to feature Solvay's team, who will spotlight the latest advancements in sustainable solutions, with a particular focus on oxygenated solvents.

In 2024, Solvay's experts at the ACI Annual Meeting will showcase a range of innovative products designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Notable highlights include:

  1. Augeo® Clean Multi: This bio-based solution, readily biodegradable and LVP-VOC, exemplifies Solvay's commitment to high-performance practices in the cleaning and air care industry.
  2. Solsys® Bio Etac: An ethyl acetate made entirely from renewable sources - with the raw material being ethanol derived from sugarcane.
  3. Solsys® Care Max: Leveraging advanced formulations, Solsys® Care Max is engineered to deliver superior performance while adhering to stringent sustainability standards.
  4. Hexylene Glycol: A readily biodegradable solution derived from acetone and mainly used as a solvent or coupling agent.

Talk to our experts @ ACI

Solvay's dedication to sustainability extends beyond individual products. The company's new Carbon Neutral portfolio*, featuring Augeo®, Rhodiacid®, and Amni®, underscores Solvay's commitment to a carbon-neutral future.

Set up a quick meeting in Solvay's room at the ACI Annual Meeting to explore these pioneering solutions and learn more about how Solvay is shaping the future of sustainable chemistry.

Please contact: 

Vincent Enaux
Regional Sales & Marketing Director - North America
Mobile:  +1 (609) 608-2716

*The Carbon Neutral claim is not valid for Europe.