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Can your anti-wear protection use a boost?

New regulatory standards, growing environmental concerns, and the impending shift toward alternative transportation solutions are factors rapidly transforming the lubricant industry. Formulation options around using traditional lubricant additives and compositions are shrinking, thanks to more stringent regulations on fuel efficiency and emissions; tougher restrictions on waste management; and increasing limitations on the use of heavy metals, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. 

Solvay has been actively working to enhance existing technologies and develop new innovations in lubricant additives that combine enhanced performance with milder classifications.


How can formulators create lower foaming and more efficient metal cleaning products?

Foam-level requirements are impacted by continuous optimization of processes and productivity (automation, lower cleaning temperatures, spray vs. dip cleaning). Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) considerations and governmental regulations are driving the market toward the development of more sustainable solutions to replace efficient, well-established technologies. New alloys and lubricants and constant pressure on total cost of operation also contribute to the continuous reformulation of cleaning products.

Formulators face an ongoing challenge to deliver more efficient cleaning performance and better foam control that will work well on a variety of processes. 

During the event, we will explore current industry trends and discuss their impact on the specifications of cleaning chemicals. We will explain through case studies how to choose the right cleaning additives to achieve lower foam levels, while taking into account the specific needs of industrial processes.

This seminar will introduce you to: 

  • New trends in metal working fluids and lubricants
  • Industry challenges in metal cleaning 
  • How to cut down the foam with the right additives



Time Topic Speaker
10:30am Registration, High Tea & Networking -
11:00am Welcome Note & Get to know Solvay- NovaCare IPS Business  Manoj Khullar, Regional Market Director, India
11:15am New trends in Metal working Fluids & Lubricants Flora Fan, Regional R&I Manager, IPS
12:30am Q&A -
12:45am Lunch -
02:00pm Metal Cleaning: Cut down Foam Flora Fan, Regional R&I Manager, IPS
03:00pm Poster Session and Q&A  -
03:30pm Vote of Thanks from Solvay & CJS Raj Kapoor, Business Manager, Solvay
Dharmesh Mange, CJS Specialty 
03:45pm Evening Tea & Closing -


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