A long-standing partner of manufacturers in aerospace worldwide, Solvay provides the materials that can meet the challenges this industry is faced with today.


Solvay at Farnborough

Airshows are unique opportunities for the entire supply chain to meet, exchange and announce exciting new ventures and developments. The Farnborough International Airshow is one of the largest gatherings in the aerospace market. Bringing together the space, civil, military and manufacturing technology industries, it showcases the latest advances in aerospace technologies.

At a time when the manufacturing rates of aircraft are growing exponentially and when the race for lower CO2 emissions, reduced fuel consumption and longer range is accentuated, lightweighting, freedom of design and function integration are more crucial than ever.

As a leading supplier of composites for commercial and military aerospace as well as for space applications, Solvay Composite Materials is best positioned to answer these challenges by bringing industrialized solutions to the aerospace industry.


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Solvay in the world

When and Where

16-22 July 2018

Show Centre, ETPS Road,

Farnborough GU14 6FD

United Kingdom


Why composites are the future of aerospace


Leaders in the aerospace industry trust Solvay to reliably serve them with its high-performance products, so why don’t you? If you’re looking for composite material technologies that are able solve your challenges regarding lightweighting, unique design features and multi-functionality and want to work with a leading supplier of global OEMs, then Solvay is right for you.

But why composites? Composites grant unparalleled design freedom, enabling the manufacturing of parts that simply cannot be made with metal. They also reduce part counts and the need for fasteners and welding. Solvay’s participation in the Solar Impulse project showed what can be achieved with lightweight materials in aerospace, and as manufacturers are starting to look at pushing design boundaries further and using more biomimetic influenced design, we are confident that the convergence of high rate manufacturing, production system enablers and computational capabilities will further increase the adoption of composites in the aerospace industry.

We also see a lot of interest and developments around electrification: it is clear that composites will be critical in enabling electric planes to fly by offering the required lightweighting. Finally, through the smart use of automation, the manufacturing of composite parts is feasible in high volumes, as is demonstrated by the automotive industry.



Working hand in hand is what we do


By working with Solvay, you gain access to the largest existing portfolio of products and technologies for aerospace applications, including primary and secondary structures, aircraft interior products and processing materials optimized for complex manufacturing methods. Our portfolio includes epoxy and thermoplastic composites, structural adhesives and surfacing films, prepregs, resin and compound systems, 3D-moldable foams, adhesives and surfacing films, carbon fibers, textiles, as well as tooling and vacuum bagging consumables.

Solvay provides unique leadership in advanced material science and application engineering and an unparalleled expertise acquired through R&I collaborations with key industry players worldwide. Relying on this long-standing experience, we offer a unique combination of know-how, adaptability and collaboration: we partner with our customers to develop the tailor-made solutions that are best suited to meet their specific challenges.

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Business jets made of resin!