Augeo® Clean Multi 


Augeo® Clean Multi provides efficient cleaning and active solvency power for homecare and industrial products. Due to its polarity, it is able to dissolve both water-soluble and oil-soluble soil, helping your formulation to effectively clean both kinds of soil and improving its wettability. Augeo® Clean Multi also acts as a coupling agent by compatibilizing the hydrophobic oils and soils into water, holding the soils into water, holding the soils in suspension and preventing it from re-depositing into the substrate. It has the adequate evaporation rate in order to guarantee effective removal of soils.


General Information:


Augeo® Clean Plus

Augeo® Clean Plus is a perfect fit for household, industrial and degreasing formulations where performance is required to remove heavy soils. Augeo® Clean Plus efficiently reduces the surface tension of water, improving its wettability and, consequently, the contact between soiled surface and cleaning formulation. Once the surface tension of the water is lowered it facilitates the suspension of the soil and prevents it from re-depositing on the cleaners  surface before it can be wiped or rinsed away, resulting in a more effective cleaning.


Benefits & Functionalities


Renewable Feedstock


Low Carbon Footprint


Improve Formulation Stability

No-toxicity-pictogram 70

No Oral
Inhalation Toxicity


High Solubilization


Not Harmful to Humans,
Animals or Environment


Degreasing Power


Low Vapor Pressure


Low Odor


High Purity


    • Skin Care
    • Hair Care
    • Color Cosmetics
    • Perfumary
    • Air Care
    • Surface Care Products


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