2017 First Quarter Earnings Highlights

Solvay first quarter results are strong with a 12% growth in underlying EBITDA , the margin at record levels 21% and generated significant amount of free cashflow € 160 million [1]. 

The nature of the delivery – high volume growth, excellence and synergies to name but a few – illustrate the quality of the results.

[1] FCF from continuing operations 

Q1 2017 Underlying results 

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Q1 2017 underlying EBITDA by segment (in € million)


Corporate & Business Services included in € 616 m EBITDA and is excluded from the pie chart
as the contribution is negative


Underlying EBITDA € 292 million, up 9.3% year on year. Higher volumes of high-performance polymers used in automotive, batteries and smart devices more than offset weaker year-on-year sales in aerospace markets.


Underlying EBITDA € 127 million, up 4% year on year. Strong volume growth in agro and industrial markets, while mining was able to offset short-term disruptions with new business developments.

performance chem

Underlying EBITDA € 184 million, up 12% year on year. Volumes grew in soda ash, bicarbonates and peroxides mainly in Asia. The new HPPO plant in Saudi Arabia took effect.


Underlying EBITDA € 71 million, up 34% year on year. Sales of both polyamide 6.6 intermediates and engineered materials continued to grow, driven by healthy market conditions. 


Based on the strong start to 2017 and improving market conditions, Solvay expects to meet or exceed its previously given guidance of mid-single digit underlying EBITDA growth and more than € 800 million of free cash flow from continuing operations.