Protecting the environment with proven solutions

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Everyone agrees, we can afford to take no chances with the environment. Rigorous environmental standards that are in force across the planet to control air, water and soil pollution in many industrial sectors place heavy demands on manufacturers. 

Solvay has developed numerous sustainable technologies and solutions that industrial operators can rely on, and which all help to make the planet a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live.

Air Treatment

Our SOLVAir® solutions, based on Bicar® and Trona, treat flue gases including Sox, HCl and HF emitted by multiple industries and in particular waste incineration, industrial boilers, power plants and cement manufacturing. We also provide unparalleled experience and know-how to our customers to design sustainable environmental processes by limiting sorbent consumption and by increasing energy efficiency of their installations. Solvay in Europe offers the recycling of residues coming from gas-cleaning operations.

Solvay's polymers Ryton® PPS and Algoflon® PTFE are ideal for filter bags or membranes to be used in dust removal in heavy industries, including coal fired power plant, industrial boilers and waste incineration. The excellent chemical and temperature resistance of these specialty polymers provide a reliable and durable solution to meet the ever stricter dust emission regulations.

Water Treatment

At a time when the world is facing serious water shortages, Solvay INTEROX® and Capterall™enable water treatment facilities to reuse and recycle water. Capterall™ is a highly efficient, cost effective, easy to deploy and entirely non-toxic solution to capture a large range of heavy metals in wastewater.

Solef® PVDF and Veradel® PESU are widely used for ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes to address water scarcity and waste water treatment, including tap water plant, Reverse Osmosis (RO) pretreatment, industrial and municipal membrane bio-reactors. RO membranes made from Udel® PSU reduce the cost of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), brackish water and industrial desalination, mining and zero liquid discharge. While membrane made from Halar® ECTFE can be used in harsher environment with heavier chemical wash. 

Soil Remediation

Solvay products support and strengthen the remediation of multiple ecosystems. Our IXPER® solution, for example, boosts oxygen levels in soil.

Climate Care

Solvay's Zeosil® tire solution is a proven technology that limits tire friction issues. By limiting friction, our tire technology helps cut a car's energy consumption by as much as 7 percent, lowering CO2 emissions.