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CERN-Solvay Camp 2023

Fostering education

Supporting STEM education

We strongly believe that science education has a crucial role to play in helping humanity reinvent progress. To nurture tomorrow’s researchers and scientists, we need to boost children's excitement about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) today. By encouraging STEM studies, we can open the door to the innovations and solutions of the future. 

"My School Tower Garden": This project will educate ten primary schools in Lesvos, Greece, on the subject of Aeroponics. Children learn about alternative methods of growing food in urban spaces. The students will have the opportunity to grow food in the towers, explore the benefits of new and innovative methods, and compare it to traditional gardening. They will research and record results such as differences in yield, growth speed, and even taste, all while participating in fun and engaging activities.
Call 4 project Autumn 2023-My school tower garden
Call 4 project Autumn 2023-Les scientastiques
We support initiatives such as "Les scientastiques: À quoi servent les sciences?", in Belgium. This project aims to provide children with a different approach to science, helping them understand that science is all around them, from their daily lives to the technology they use and the nature that surrounds them. Through an interactive spectacle and event, they will discover scientific concepts and the role of scientists themselves.

In addition to local or national projects,  Solvay has forged impactful partnerships to further STEM education globally.

We partner with CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, on a three-year educational program for high school students. We’ve also set up The Foundation Enterprise Institute in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences in Belgium to help raise awareness of and interest in science among young people. 

One of the foundation’s initiatives is the XperiLab project – in which a 16-meter-long truck is transformed into a laboratory for a class of 10-14-year-olds. Designed to travel around Belgium, the truck can accommodate up to 27 students for a 90-minute session where they have the opportunity to try the truck’s three laboratories, carrying out scientific experiments.

All aboard the ‘Science Truck’


Cristina Bahamonde Castro
Fostering interest in STEM and STEM careers