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Cristina Bahamonde Castro


Fostering interest in STEM and STEM careers

As part of our efforts to get children and young people involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects, Solvay has partnered with CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, to launch a three-year education programme for high school students.

At CERN, physicists and engineers of more than 100 nationalities study nature's tiniest building blocks, the fundamental particles, to find out how our world and the Universe work. They use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments, driving progress in a range of cutting-edge technologies. Part of CERN’s mission is to inspire and train future generations of scientists and engineers to carry on this journey of exploration. Every year, thousands of students and teachers, from all over the world, participate in CERN’s education and outreach programme.

Solvay and CERN launch STEM Education programme for high school students

A three-year partnership combining online and onsite learning

The CERN-Solvay Education Programme was launched in  January 2022. Designed to foster interest in STEM and STEM careers, the programme combines both online and onsite learning at CERN, starting with education content aimed at a global online audience and progressing to an opportunity for students to engage more deeply with research at CERN.

It is part of the education portfolio of Science Gateway, CERN's new flagship project for science education and outreach.

The programme has three levels.


The first level of the programme involves using short videos to promote online education content on social media. The videos focus on scientific experiments, based on the science, discoveries and technologies at CERN, which can be easily reproduced at home or at school, helping to spark interest in STEM.

The second level of the programme focuses on dedicated education materials, in the form of an online course, designed to introduce high school students to selected concepts in particle physics and STEM research at CERN. It consists of videos that explain and discuss science, discoveries and technologies at CERN and includes self-grading quizzes through which students will build confidence in their abilities.

Students who successfully complete the second level are able to apply to participate in the third level: the CERN-Solvay student camps.

In each edition, 30 highly-motivated students from around the world will have the chance to explore an authentic STEM workplace and CERN's unique international working atmosphere, while learning more about science, a range of technologies and different STEM careers.

CERN-Solvay student camps are a chance for students to gain a deeper interest in science and confidence in their abilities through experiencing science in the workplace. In addition to workshops, visits and lectures, students will work on small research projects together, guided by CERN scientists. Participants will also meet like-minded students from around the world, who might act as important influencers for future career decisions.

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