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Solvay in Portugal

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Solvay in Portugal

The Solvay group has been present in Portugal since 1934 and has a strong relationship with the local community, a close partnership with the client industries and a frank collaboration with the government.

The operations installed in the country have represented, for decades, a source of employment and an engine of economic growth. However, the path has not always been easy.

Therefore, in the face of challenges, Solvay activities have been called on to reinvent themselves and to discover new directions for participation in national development.

Currently, Solvay owns two companies in Portugal, both operating in the metropolitan area of Lisbon:

  • An administrative site located in Carnaxide (concelho de Oeiras). Solvay Lisbon is an important center of expertise for key corporate functions and global business units of the Solvay Group, such as Finance, Purchase, Human Resources, IT Support, and Process Automation.
  • An industrial site for the production, commercialization and R&D of Hydrogen Peroxide, located on the north bank of the Tagus, next to Póvoa de Santa Iria (Vila Franca de Xira municipality), from which Solvay Peroxidos Portugal supports and responds to the Paper and Toothpaste export industry demand.