September 22, 2015 – Woodland Park, NJ - Cytec Industries Inc. (CYT) will be demonstrating new high performance materials and process technologies at the Composites Europe trade fair and forum (September 22-24, 2015) in Stuttgart, Germany, Hall 5, stand F16, with a strong emphasis on automotive applications.At the show, Cytec will be showcasing its broad portfolio and latest advances in high-performance, cost-effective composite technologies for the automotive industry, for creating lighter, more fuel-efficient and safer vehicles.Visitors to the Cytec stand will be able to see a number of exhibits:
  • A carbon fiber reinforced door inner structure, manufactured from a filament wound flat blank using hot compression molding technology. Filament winding is a flexible and efficient process for making flat prepreg blanks of variable thickness. The material offers high conformability required for complex shapes, combined with mechanical properties comparable to conventional prepregs.
  • A carbon-fiber reinforced tailgate manufactured from Cytec’s new rapid cure epoxy prepreg MTM® 710 and with sub 3-minute cure capability by hot compression molding.
  • A complex part manufactured from uni-directional carbon fiber, utilizing an innovative automated preforming process which requires virtually no direct labor and is capable of producing parts such as structural automotive components for body-in-white structures with a sub 5-minute takt time.
  • A HP-RTM demonstrator part made using Cytec’s XMTR750 two-component epoxy resin, with a sub 3-minute cure capability, a mold temperature of 130°C and with a resin injection time of less than 12 seconds. XMTR750 enables serial manufacture of body structure components.
“We are working closely together with our composite supply chain partners to develop materials, processes and application engineering that makes it possible to design and produce high performance structures in large series, with high levels of automation, and at competitive costs,” says Alex Aucken, Cytec’s Global Automotive Director.He continued, “We are excited about the upcoming opening of our new application center in Heanor, UK, scheduled for December this year. This major investment highlights Cytec’s commitment to developing new composite products and technologies to serve high volume production markets such as automotive.”Cytec will also showcase its innovative DForm Fabric Tooling prepreg, which was launched earlier this year. Cytec believes DForm will transform composite tooling manufacture by reducing tool layup times by 75%, and making composite tooling more competitive than ever against metal tooling.Cytec will promote its added value kitting services, now offered out of its new Toulouse, France site. This facility has the capacity needed for the manufacture of large vacuum bagging consumable kits for applications such as aircraft wings or wind turbine blades. Kitting brings great benefits to part manufacturers such as reduced labor cost, total production time and waste as well as improved process control and therefore part quality and repeatabilityFor more information, visit Cytec at Composites Europe 2015, Hall 5, stand F16.Cytec provides advanced composite and process materials for aerospace, automotive, wind energy, motorsport, marine, mass transportation and other demanding applications. Our focus on technology and application expertise allows customers to adopt more efficient manufacturing approaches. Our product portfolio supports the end-to-end manufacturing of composite parts and includes tooling, fiber, prepregs, resin systems, vacuum bagging, adhesives and surfacing films.Carbon fiber reinforced door inner structure, manufactured from a filament wound flat.Carbon fiber reinforced door inner structure, manufactured from a filament wound flat.Image: © 2015 Cytec Industries. All rights reserved.HP-RTM equipment in Use at Penso Consulting Ltd.HP-RTM equipment in Use at Penso Consulting Ltd.Image: © 2015 Cytec Industries. All rights reserved.Manufacture of large complex kits for the wind energy and aerospace industryManufacture of large complex kits for the wind energy and aerospace industryImage: © 2015 Cytec Industries. All rights reserved.About CytecCytec’s vision is to deliver specialty material and chemical technologies beyond our customers’ imagination. Our focus on innovation, advanced technology and application expertise enables us to develop, manufacture and sell products that change the way our customers do business. Our pioneering products perform specific and important functions for our customers, enabling them to offer innovative solutions to the industries that they serve. Our products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace and industrial materials, mining and plastics.DISCLAIMER: The data and information provided in this document have been obtained from carefully controlled samples and are considered to be representative of the product described. Cytec does not express or imply any guarantee or warranty of any kind including, but not limited to, the accuracy, the completeness or the relevance of the data and information set out herein. Because the properties of this product can be significantly affected by the fabrication and testing techniques employed, and since Cytec does not control the conditions under which its products are tested and used, Cytec cannot guarantee the properties provided will be obtained with other processes and equipment. No guarantee or warranty is provided that the product is adapted for a specific use or purpose. Cytec declines any liability with respect to the use made by any third party of the data and information contained herein. Cytec has the right to change any data or information when deemed appropriate.TRADEMARK NOTICE: The ® indicates a Registered Trademark in the United States and the ™ indicates a trademark in the United States. The mark may also be registered, subject of an application for registration, or a trademark in other countries.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Media Contacts

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