NOCOLOK® flux is non-hygroscopic and only very slightly soluble in water (0.2 % to 0.4 %). The shelf and pot life of the flux is therefore indefinite. The flux does not react with aluminium at room temperature or at brazing temperature and only becomes reactive when molten (at least partially molten). The flux leaves a mainly water insoluble residue which need not be removed. Application Brazing agent - as combined brazing and fluxing agent for brazing of aluminium.


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Energy savings Cooling & Heating systems
Segments Applications
Powertrain Efficiency Cooling & Heating systems
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Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment Parts
Metal & Surface Treatment Metal Treatment
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Household Goods White Goods

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Fluorine derivatives Fluorinated Chemicals Potassium fluoroaluminate

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  • Asia / Pacific
  • Europe / Middle East / Africa
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  • Latin America

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