NOCOLOK® Sil Flux efg plus Binder Mixture is a preparation of NOCOLOK® Binder, NOCOLOK® Thickener, NOCOLOK® Sil Flux extra fine grade and water to improve adhesion of the flux coating. The system can be applied on external and internal surfaces in order to reduce flux fall-off and dust formation on handling of flux coated components. When applied in accordance with recommendations, the binder/thickener/water/flux system shows no negative effects regarding the appearance of the post braze aluminium surfaces, compared to the use of pure NOCOLOK® Sil Flux extra fine grade (especially no discoloration effects). Suitable application methods: spraying, dipping or brushing. Surface temperature: > 10 °C, with subsequent drying step! Recommended thickness of the coating: 10 – 30 μm. Must be remixed before use


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Energy savings Cooling & Heating systems
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Powertrain Efficiency Cooling & Heating systems
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Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment Parts
Metal & Surface Treatment Metal Treatment
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Household Goods White Goods

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Fluorine derivatives Fluorinated Chemicals Potassium fluoroaluminate

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