Sustainability is a way of life at Solvay


We aim to make our environmental footprint as neutral as possible for the planet. Priority is given to using renewable and recycled materials while constantly reducing consumption of energy and resources. We increasingly develop and supply products that meet the sustainable development challenges our customers are facing today, and will do tomorrow, for cleaner and healthier paints and coatings.


We offer APE-free (alkyl phenol ethoxylates) and VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Eco label products, so enabling customers to convert from solvent-borne systems to waterborne formulations for compliance with regulatory requirements. 


Solvay offers a variety of specialty resins for low VOC and zero VOC coatings that improve air quality and reduce health concerns by lowering or eliminating VOC emissions. Products developed specifically for these formulations include waterborne Diofan® PVDCHylar® PVDFHyflon® PFA/MFA®Halar® ECTFEAlgoflon® PTFE and Fluorolink® PFPETorlon® AI is available in water-soluble versions that possess exceptional mechanical, thermal, chemical resistance as well as wear-resistant properties.


In addition, we offer such APE- and VOC-free solutions such as Rhodasurf®Abex® and Aerosol® surfactants, Rhodoline® wetting and dispersion agents as well as new Rhodoline® CL 3101 VOC-free and odor-free coalescent agent for waterborne paint applications. Rhodiasolv® DIB for Coatings is a sustainable line of coalescing agents in paint  and coatings designed to enhance the performance of architectural coatings.


Derived from glycerin through a sustainable process, Augeo™ SL 191 is an innovative slow-evaporating solvent with performance that is comparable to glycol ethers and their acetates obtained from petrochemical feedstock.


Finally, Solvay provides monomers based on diphenols deriving from hydroquinone or catechol which can provide an efficient alternative to BPA which is suspected endocrinian disruptor. Rhovanil® , extensively used in food, is a friendly preservative.