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Models wearing smart fibers clothing

Smartphone-charging leggings for a high-tech workout

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Smart polyamide yarns to charge your smartphone

Solvay and Alto Giro, a Brazilian fitness apparel brand, are showcasing a high-tech collection of clothes that combine the functionalities of smart polyamide yarns with a technology that actually charges your smartphone while you work out!

Introducing the induction pocket

The project started with a prototype presented at the WeAr Brasil festival, and turned into a capsule collection exhibited during Casa de Criadores, a large Brazilian Fashion event. The collaboration resulted in a range of sports garments featuring a pocket on the thigh that can hold the wearer’s phone and charge it by induction.

What’s more, the polyamide on the outside of the pocket has touch-sensitive properties that allow users to take calls and use other functionalities without removing their phone from their pocket and without interrupting the charging process.

The big insight of this project was to combine the design of Alto Giro, Solvay’s special polyamides and mobile charging technology from Ale Farah. The consumer will have a double high-tech experience with their sportswear.

Mayra Montel, Marketing & Business Development, Solvay Fibras.

Advanced materials for unparalleled performance

Developed by Alto Giro, the outfits feature Solvay’s smart yarns Amni Soul Eco® and Emana® polyamides. Garments made with Amni Soul Eco® quickly decompose when disposed of, thus reducing their environmental impact. As for Emana®, it uses far infrared technology to convert human body heat into skincare and sports performance benefits. These products will be available for consumers during the first half of 2019.