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Sound Bounce, a novel patented material developed in Ireland, provides significantly improved noise attenuation compared to conventional solutions. It uses energy absorbing materials “never before used in the acoustic space”, boasts the Irish startup. Sound Bounce looks like a transparent gel that can be applied on any surface to absorb deep sounds, such as traffic noise. When a sound wave hits the material, it turns from solid into liquid, in a so-called  thixotropic effect, which is reversible. 

The science implemented in Sound Bounce enables significantly more effective noise attenuation - up to 100 times better than traditional materials - and can be tuned  to specific frequency ranges, explains the Irish startup. Tests show that Sound Bounce absorbed the same level of sound as a foam which was over 35 times thicker and was especially powerful at low frequencies. 

The winner claims “it will provide users in automotive, chemical, aerospace, construction, and power generation with a market changing competitive advantage.” Stéphane Roussel, Head of Solvay Ventures presented Rhona Togher, Founder of Sound Bounce, the award during the ceremony.

Our Solvay Ventures and Research & Innovation community were also present to witness this recognition. Solvay Ventures invests in breakthrough technologies in advanced materials and formulations focused on sustainable resources, energy transition, increased well-being and the digital age. Our R&I team explores that start-up technology and helps bring it to life for our customers. Through our partnership of the New Materials track, we hope to open the discovery for new materials, which is a main axis for our strategy.  At Hello Tomorrow we also featured a variety of exhibits that demonstrated new technologies we’re currently bringing to market. 

  • Solar Impulse display: The Solar Impulse airplane flies day and night on the sun’s energy with 6,000 Solvay parts on board.
  • The Urban Electric Scooter “Bud-e”: Designed for short and intermodal travels in urban areas. It’s capable of running up to 25 km/h with a battery life of about 20 km and is recharged in less than 3 hours.
  • Polimotor 2: A 100% plastic engine prototype that weighs 40 kg less than today’s standard production engine.
  • Chocolate 3D Printing: Yes, we said it, Chocolate. A sweet result from innovative solutions using 3D printing.
  • Composites: Advanced materials that contribute to sustainable mobility.
  • Imagine materials of tomorrow: A board game to show how materials can unlock tomorrow’s most disruptive innovations.
Hello Tomorrow 2017 - SoundBounce

Caption: Rhona Togher, CEO of Sound Bounce on stage at Hello Tomorrow.

HT is an international non-profit organisation whose mission is to “accelerate the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real world solutions” by connecting deep-tech entrepreneurs with investors and enablers. Click here to read more about Solvay’s support to startups and our Group’s partnership with Hello Tomorrow.

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