Biodegradable fibers become fashionable

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Would you think that by purchasing a beautiful item of clothing you could also be helping the environment? Guilt-free shopping? It’s no longer an abstract concept! 

As consumers are ever more conscious of the environmental impact of their decisions, and millions of clothing items are disposed of every year generating a critical issue in landfills, we saw the chance to make a difference by developing a biodegradable polyamide yarn.

The science behind the fashion

Launched in April 2014 at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Amni Soul Eco®is made from a polyamide with an improved formulation that accelerates biodegradation in the anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, common in most landfills. Traditionally, a polyamide fiber takes decades to disintegrate. But in our tests, the yarn biodegraded by 50% in just over one year, and we estimate that after 28 months, Amni Soul Eco® will biodegrade 100%. As the clothes break down quicker, the impact on landfills is reduced.

Being a “smart yarn,” the biodegradation of Amni Soul Eco® will only start after disposal at the specific landfill environment. There are no concerns about the fabric’s durability, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes breaking down while you’re wearing them!

Collaborating for sustainability

Fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga has a keen focus on the development of sustainable fashion and was the perfect person to translate our innovation into a beautiful and fun fashion collection. Amni Soul Eco® was released on Ronaldo Fraga’s catwalk, receiving great international visibility at Brazil's most important fashion event.

Ronaldo Fraga 
Francisco Ferraroli, president of Fibras GBU and the stylist Ronaldo Fraga

"Amni Soul Eco Yarn is the beginning of the revolution of the materials for clothing of the 21st century." – Ronaldo Fraga

You might look at this as just a biodegradable yarn. But we look at it and see a commitment to future generations and a world where eco-friendly clothing could one day be the norm, rather than the exception. 

Ronaldo Fraga’s eco friendly summer collection

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September, 9 2014