Properties and Benefits of the Different Grades of Bicar®food

Due to its characteristics, Bicar®food is commonly used as a leavening agent for bakery products, but the properties of the range of grades offered mean it can meet all the needs of the food industry. 


Fast and Complete Fade

Fine grade sodium bicarbonate Bicar®food 0/13 that rapidly and completely dissolves in reaction with acid ingredients. It is used for biscuits and most cakes.

Fine Free Flowing 

Bicar®food 0/13FF sodium bicarbonate is treated with flow conditioners to improve flow properties. It is used in self-raising flours and packaged mixtures.

Other Grades

Other grades and granulometries are available: 

  • Standard Bicar®food 0/50
  • Medium Bicar®food 13/27
  • Coarse Bicar®food 27/50
  • US Grades: USP 1, USP 2 and USP 5


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