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Emana® FAQs: Your Comprehensive Guide to Answers and Insights

Emana®is a Solvay polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn with bioactive minerals and Far Infrared Rays Technology (FIR) embedded in its polymeric matrix. This yarn makes possible the creation of bioactive products that promote a new level of interaction between the fabric and the skin in order to enhance blood microcirculation and promote several benefits to the user.

Emana® absorbs a fraction of the infrared waves emitted by the human body and returns them as far infrared rays (also know as FIR), which interact with the skin, delivering benefits to the user.

Far Infrared rays – FIR - are electromagnetic waves, invisible to naked eyes and characterized by low energy and low penetration, with no side effect to human beings.

The enhancement of skin blood microcirculation is the primary effect of Emana®, leading to important secondary benefits, if properly worn: Cosmetic Benefits: reducing cellulite signs and increases skin elasticity and smoothness. Performance Benefits: during physical practice, reduces muscle fatigue and improves sports performance. After exercises, offers a faster muscle recovery.

Since the very beginning of Emana® project, all necessary clinical tests with world-class independent laboratories and medical surveillance were performed, securing the achieved results through recognized scientific protocols as well as rigorous statistical data treatment.

In order to support our partners with reliable and technical argumentation to secure the benefits claimed by Emana® , Solvay Group can provide a summary of the scientific protocols and clinical tests after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Yes, in order to feel Beauty benefits, Emana® Beauty benefits, the articles made with this yarn must be worn for at least 6 continuous hours a day, during 30 to 60 consecutive days (depending on the kind of garment). For those interested in Performance benefits, such as the reduction of muscle fatigue, it is necessary to wear an Emana® garment 30 minutes before starting the exercise. For better muscle recovery, it is recommended to wear your Emana® garment for at least 6 hours after sports activity.

Yes. In order to guarantee Emana® Beauty benefits, the garment must be manufactured with a fabric that contains at least 110g/sqm of Emana® fiber in direct contact with the skin. For Emana®Performance benefits, the fabric must contain at least 200g/sqm. We strongly recommend manufacturers to certify their products at Solvay Group laboratories to make sure that the construction of the garment is done in a way to allows the technology inside the yarn to work properly. For more information, click here.

Yes. Emana® is a registered trademark by Solvay Group and represents beauty, well-being, comfort and performance. Emana® can be distributed by certified partners all around the world. To know more about our distributors, click here.

Emana® can be found in different forms: yarns (DTY, ATY and POY by Solvay Group and our WW partners); socks, tights, seamless, fabrics – knitting and weaving – manufactured by several certified producers in Europe, Asia, Africa and America; and garments (produced by a great range of brands and private labels). To know more about our partners, click here.

You can use our brand after obtaining the approval in Emana ® certification process by Solvay Group , available for fabrics and textile products in general. By getting this certification, you can also request and receive Emana® hangtags with no additional costs. It’s a guarantee of the benefits claimed in advertising materials to your clients, making sure that your product will work properly and provide scientifically proven benefits to the user. For more information about the certification process, click here.

Yes, you can find apparels with Emana® technology in the European, American and Asian market. You can also find the complete list of brands here

Emana® is a special fiber with clear advantages over other technologies due to minerals are incorporated in its DNA: - Everlasting effect: its bioactive properties remain unchanged even after unlimited washings . - Color versatility:  Emana® also enables color diversity thanks to the easy dyeing and to the absence of any surface coating. - Comfort and Easy Care: The articles based on Emana® entirely keep the overwhelming comfort of a classical polyamide, with no additional caution needed, while keeping the easy care characteristics of polyamide microfiber. - Not allergic:  Emana® is Oeko-tex standard 100 class I certified, the interaction between Emana® and skin is entirely physical (through FIR), without any chemical migration towards human body. - Easy Care and Eco friendly: Emana® products are easy to wash, dry fast, and don’t need to be ironed. During its manufacturing Emana® has no residual disposal. A fiber with low environment impact.

Emana® is an exclusive Solvay Certified Technology, ensuring performance and functionality without the need of any microcapsule or surface coating technology. It represents a completely unseen and unique innovation in textiles.

Emana® technology has been worldwide granted patented. It’s an honor for Solvay Group and we are always available to present Emana® IP rights to apparel producers who may need it.

Pregnant women do not undergo a series of tests due to their current condition. So testing Emana® technology in this group was not possible. Therefore, the use of Emana® technology by pregnant women without the medical approval is not recommended. Our tests were conducted by an independent laboratory, KOSMOSCIENCE Institute, with more than 90 women who tested the effectiveness of Emana®.