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Rhodia Brazil ranks Top 6 in Open Innovation in the Chemical Industry category of the 100 Open Startups Ranking

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São Paulo, October 19, 2023 - Rhodia, a Solvay Group company, ranks TOP 6 in Open Innovation in the Chemical Industry category, Top Open Corps division, by the organization 100 Open Startups, as announced on October 18.

The award is a recognition of the innovation ecosystem regarding the practice of open innovation. 100 Open Startups is one of the main innovation platforms in the country, and the Ranking conceived and promoted by it has been in existence since 2016.

The Ranking has sought to highlight the most attractive startups for the corporate market and the leading corporations in open innovation with startups, as well as other agents of this ecosystem, expanding their recognition and attracting new business opportunities.

In addition to recognizing and rewarding the main practitioners of open innovation, the ranking aims to foster and measure the evolution of this practice in Brazil and Latin America. The rankings recorded the relationships reported between July 2022 and June 2023, reaching the mark of 10,443 entities practicing open innovation among Corporations and the Ecosystem.

According to Kelly Bertucci, Open Innovation & Funding Leader in the Global Business Unit Coatis, Solvay Group, "it is very positive to achieve the sixth position in the Chemical Industry Category, within the Top 100 Open Corps, considering that our open innovation program is still relatively young. It says a lot about our potential as a group. Therefore, we are happy with the achievement, and we continue working to deliver more value to both internal and external ecosystems."

Solvay's Global Business Unit Coatis has maintained since 2021 a dedicated Open Innovation program called BIRDS, which stands for Boosting Interactions to Deliver Solutions. The goal of this program is to bring the entire population of the Business Unit closer to the innovation ecosystem (universities, innovation agencies, professional associations, startups, etc.) for the evaluation and experimentation of new solution proposals for the company's needs, whether they are simple, operational, specialized scouting, or even advanced research.

"We seek to expand the perspectives of solution to issues that affect the company," says Kelly Bertucci, adding that the name BIRDS, translated from English, also alludes to the program's mascot, the Hummingbird, a bird very present in the biodiversity of the area where Rhodia's industrial complex is located, in Paulínia (SP).

The most unique characteristic of the Hummingbird is its ambidexterity. Among birds, it is the only species that can fly forward and backward. "It is this ambidexterity that transitions between exploitation and radical/disruptive innovation that we have and want to have in our flight plan of the open innovation program," concludes Kelly Bertucci.