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Solvay goes vegan in beauty, cosmetics and homecare

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Solvay has obtained the Vegan Society's label for its oxygenated solvents, further advancing its offer in sustainable solutions.

São Paulo, July 1, 2020 – Solvay announces that it has obtained the Vegan Trademark for its oxygenated solvents, Augeo® Crystal and Hexylene Glycol (HGL).

Known as the oldest and most respected vegan institution in the world, the Vegan Society labels products and raw materials which are free of animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.

With this registration, Solvay will be able to tap into a growing trend in many parts of the world and serve customers with vegan products in the beauty, cosmetics and homecare market.

“In line with our purpose as a company, we want to introduce sustainable solutions that also meet the new lifestyle trends identified among consumers,” says Antonio Leite, vice president of phenol, derivatives and solvents for Solvay's global Coatis business unit.

One of our latest developments is Augeo® Crystal, which offers a guaranteed traceability of raw material and is a sustainable solvent solution for the vegan products market.

“Like all Augeo® products, Crystal is a renewable solvent which combines high solubility, low odor and adequate evaporation," explains Antonio Leite. "In addition to being safe for people, animals and the environment, the product is a sustainable alternative for companies seeking new solutions for applications in the cosmetics and home care market."

Hexylene Glycol (HGL), a product widely used as a humectant and emulsifying agent in skin care and cosmetic formulations, was also registered with the Vegan Society. It is used for micellar water, body oil, moisturizers and makeup, and for hair care in shampoo formulations, colorants, conditioners and hair tonics.

"Solvay is the only HGL producer in the world that has this registration, which is an important differential in the market because it shows customers our commitment to offering solutions aligned with this new lifestyle," concludes Antonio Leite.

About Solvay Coatis

With industrial units installed in Paulínia and Santo André, Brazil, and laboratories for the development of new products and applications in Brazil and China, Solvay Group’s Coatis Global Business Unit produces and markets phenol and derivatives, oxygenated solvents, polyamide intermediates, polyamide fibers and textile yarns. Its products are used by customers on every continent in the paint and coating, automotive, adhesive, cosmetic, air freshening, domestic and institutional cleaning, textile, civil construction, wood (plywood) and laminates, foundry, leather, footwear, paper and cellulose markets, among others



About Solvay

Solvay is a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. With more than 24,100 employees in 64 countries, Solvay bonds people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress. The Group seeks to create sustainable shared value for all, notably through its Solvay One Planet plan crafted around three pillars: protecting the climate, preserving resources and fostering better life. The Group’s innovative solutions contribute to safer, cleaner, and more sustainable products found in homes, food and consumer goods, planes, cars, batteries, smart devices, health care applications, water and air purification systems. Founded in 1863, Solvay today ranks among the world’s top three companies for the vast majority of its activities and delivered net sales of €10.2 billion in 2019. Solvay is listed on Euronext Brussels (SOLB) and Paris and in the United States, where its shares (SOLVY) are traded through a Level I ADR program. Learn more at .


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