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Solvay implements price adjustment for mining solutions products

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Solvay is implementing a global price adjustment of 10% to 30% on certain product lines from its mining solutions business

Princeton, October 18, 2021

The change will be effective for all shipments starting November 1, or as contracts allow. The product lines subject to this price adjustment are: ACCO-PHOS® depressants; ACORGA® extraction reagent; AERO® promoters; AERODRI® surfactants; AEROFLOAT® promoters; AEROFROTH® frothers; AEROMINE® promoters; AEROPHINE® promoters; CYANEX® extraction reagents; CYBREAK®  defoamers; CYFLOC® flocculants; CYQUEST® modifiers; MAX HT® scale inhibitors; OREPREP® frothers; and PHOSFLOW® scale inhibitors.

The price adjustment addresses sustained cost pressures associated with global supplies, logistics and packaging. Questions can be directed to Solvay sales or customer service representatives.