H-Guard® Priming anti-inflammatory solution for more efficient hemodialysis

Solvay is investing in Invizius, a biotechnology start-up in the United Kingdom that is developing an anti-inflammatory solution for haemodialysis. This investment falls under the Better Life pillar of the company’s Solvay One Planet roadmap, which among other goals, aims to enable products that improve health, safety and quality of life. Invizius will use the financing to complete a First-in-Man safety study of its H-Guard® Priming anti-inflammatory solution.

The need for haemodialysis is rising globally, due to a combination of aging populations, increasing kidney failure factors such as obesity, and better access to healthcare, particularly in Asia where the number of untreated patients is estimated to be high. There are currently 3 million dialysis patients worldwide who receive treatment multiple times a week. This number is set to increase by 6% year on year. The worldwide market for H-Guard® Priming Solution is estimated to be worth in excess of £1.5 billion.



“As part of our commitment to improve people’s lives through innovative advanced materials, we are investing in healthcare startups with out-of-the box solutions for which our portfolio could make the difference,” said Thomas Canova, Head of Solvay Ventures. “As a company that leads in solutions for haemodialysis, we see a great deal of promise in Invizius’ innovative project and believe it could be a game changer for people who suffer from kidney failure.” 

In collaboration with haemodialysis equipment manufacturers, Solvay has developed specific polysulfone polymers for haemodialysis: Udel® and Veradel®. These high-purity, high-performance grades of sulfone polymers have been tested for biocompatibility and have been utilized in these life sustaining applications for over 25 years. “Haemodialysis membranes manufactured with sulfone polymers from Solvay have treated tens of millions of patients and Solvay is the innovation leader in this field,” said Jesal Chopra Vice President - Healthcare, Environment, Consumer, & Construction, Specialty Polymers.

“We are very pleased with the continued support of our existing investors and delighted to attract two new high calibre investors,” said Richard Boyd, Chief Executive Officer of Invizius, “There is a global healthcare need and significant commercial opportunity for the proprietary H-Guard® Priming Solution treatment which has the potential to improve quality of life and safety of patients on dialysis with kidney failure.”

Invizius has received £5 million from the following investors: Solvay Ventures, Mercia, Downing Ventures, Old College Capital, Scottish Investment Bank, Calculus Capital and Meltwind.