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Solvay in the United Kingdom

Specialising in advanced composite materials and specialty chemical solutions, Solvay’s UK plants provide innovative, sustainable solutions to key industrial and societal challenges.

Our UK presence enables major technological advancements in aerospace, healthcare, and agriculture, amongst other sectors. The UK houses Solvay’s largest composite materials operations outside the US, with sites in Wrexham, Wales and Heanor, Derbyshire producing advanced composite materials which are used for example in the aerospace and automotive sectors, their lightweight properties reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and thereby contribute to the Solvay One Planet sustainability ambitions. 



Solvay has a network of locations across the UK, host to decades worth of chemical engineering and manufacturing expertise which has enabled Solvay to achieve world-class positions in Composite Materials, Peroxygens, Surfactants and Phosphorus-based technologies, for example.

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