Transforming Solvay 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the pace of change in the world has accelerated dramatically as new materials and technologies transform the way society operates. For Solvay, these advances in science and technology have driven the recent radical transformation of its business portfolio.


Innovation spirit

Innovating, working together, acting sustainably for society, being open and connected with the world - this spirit we have inherited from our founder Ernest Solvay 155 years ago, is guiding the transformation of Solvay today. Our mission is to grow our Research & Innovation activities, as well as those with our partners, to create solutions for a rapidly advancing society, today and tomorrow. 


An advanced materials and specialty chemicals company 

Always at the cutting edge of science, Solvay has adapted throughout its history, stepping up this pace of change between 2012 and 2018. Strategic transactions (around 50, including acquisitions of companies, complementary technologies and divestments) have shifted the Group’s focus from traditional, high-volume products towards high-growth, high-value advanced materials and specialty chemicals, tailored to the needs of specific markets and customers.


Providing innovative solutions to the market of the future

Our portfolio transformation has brought the Group business in cutting-edge markets including aerospace where our composite materials replace metals on key parts like wings, and smart devices where our materials are used to protect the camera or speakers. The new and existing customers Solvay supplies in these markets have evolved their ways of working and now require Solvay to be a solution provider and specialty producer delivering:  rapid technological innovation, top-tier talent, personalized service and faster response times. They also expect the latest technological advances to be delivered as quickly as possible so that they can outperform their competition.


More customer-focused

Solvay wants to grow with its customers. The Group is now taking a new step in its transformation to adapt its organization and culture to its upgraded portfolio, to its changing customer base and to a fast-evolving environment. 

We are  adapting our ways of working to make the Group faster, simpler and more customer-centric business so that employees can devote more time with clients and work side-by-side with them to co-innovate solutions. For the Group as a whole, this will mean even more opportunities to generate long-term growth and contribute to a more sustainable world.