High-Performance Solutions for Advanced Glass Treatment Processes

The global demand for glass in various applications is expected to grow over the next several years as more products rely on container glass, fiberglass, and flat glass applications. Therefore, glass manufacturers will also need to continue expanding operations and optimizing processes to keep up with demand. 

Solvay offers an advanced range of additives, chemicals and raw materials formulated to enhance the various stages of glass treatment. Our potassium hydrogen fluoride solutions are effective additives in the manufacture of opaque glass, while other chemicals enable necessary processes like acid polishing and matt etching. Explore our solutions for glass treatment and contact our experts to learn more about our innovative solutions.


Explore Versatile Brands for Glass Treatment

Solvay is a global leader in the production of sodium carbonate and is a recognized material supplier in the glass industry. Our raw materials and advanced chemical additives, including Soda Solvay®, potassium hydrogen fluoride and other brands, provide versatile solutions to manufacturers in the glass industry.

Enhance Glass Treatment Processes with Solvay

Glass treatment provides benefits like a highly polished surface finish to a range of end-use glass products. Manufacturers can optimize glass treatment processes, including glass manufacturing, acid polishing and matt etching, and achieve reliable performance using advanced additives and chemicals from Solvay.

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