An Advanced Materials and Specialty Chemicals Company

To us, it’s all about advanced materials and specialty chemicals. We are a  company committed to developing top-notch chemistry that addresses next-generation mobility and improves resource efficiency. 

Our innovative products and constantly evolving market solutions respond to fast-pacing demand in automotive and aerospace, smart and medical devices, batteries and energy efficiency to power the change; in mineral and oil extraction, among many other applications in consumer goods enabling agile and tailored solutions for each of our customer’s need. 

We dedicate to a circular economy and collaborate with game-changers to spark the impact of cleaner and sustainable solutions globally. Our lightweight materials enhance cleaner transportation, its formulations optimize the use of resources and its performance chemicals improve air and water quality. 

Diverse, entrepreneurial, and bright talent is Solvay’s beacon with 24,500 employees who innovate and manufacture our products in more than 61 countries. It’s been part of our DNA since the Group’s very foundation, more than 150 years ago by Ernest Solvay, driving us to serve as an open innovation hub housing the best minds for global advancement at all level of the value creation. 


Our always-on mission
Customers demand Solvay anticipates 

At Solvay, we dedicate effortlessly to challenge chemistry to allow us progress and constantly renovating our product portfolio at fast speed.
To address next-generation mobility and resource efficiency with innovative solutions  in more than 11 industries, we ground on 3 major business pillars

  1. Advanced Materials  - Providing solutions for sustainable mobility, lightweight, CO2, and energy efficiency.  
  2. Advanced Formulations  - Customized specialty formulations for surface chemistry and liquid behavior, maximizing yield and efficiency, and minimizing eco-impact.
  3. Performance Chemicals  - Solvay specialty chemicals lead in chemical intermediates through scale and technology to develop applications and industrial innovation for optimized costs.



Solvay supports Saroléa startup in the development of the 100% electric superbike for effective next-generation clean mobility.


Measurable sustainable growth for agile success

At Solvay, agile growth and market success can only occur with sustainable, environmentally conscious and tangible actions towards a more effective circular economy. Our commitment to sustainable development drivers of our growth underlying every strategic decision we take, as strongly as our financial criteria do.

How? We follow 5 sustainable targets which allow us to steadily progress in reducing our environmental footprint by 2025.

Most recently, we stepped up our actions towards a cleaner future and opted for a target aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our operations in absolute by 2025, succeeding to lower by at least 1Mt CO2 compared to the 2017 level, at constant scope.

Thus, not only we commit, but we measure it relying on our unique Sustainable Portfolio Management and Integrated Report to assess our products and assure that their applications have a lower environmental impact and a higher sustainable value. 


Global hub: we champion open innovation 

Research and innovation are at the heart of Solvay. We believe technology must constantly evolve to make more things possible, but in a cleaner, smarter, and more connected way than ever before.

We are historically tied to bold scientific enterprise mindset as embodied in our founder, Ernest Solvay and today leveraged in our Solvay Ventures capital fund to fastly anticipate demands and envisioning intrepid scientific advancement. 

These are the responsibilities enshrined in the commitment and sense of initiative of our network of customer-driven 21 R&I centers worldwide. With 24,500 employees in more than 61 countries, Solvay’s community of bright talent champions us in a wide range of profiles and areas of expertise to trigger disruptive ideas. 

We embrace difference and diversity striving together to ensure that a variety of disciplines and approaches are brought to the table to fully understand the needs of our customers operating in fast-changing markets.  When the Sun sets in the US, it rises in Singapore allowing us to always be one step ahead to timely assist our customers’ needs.


* Figures take into account the planned divestment of Polyamides.