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Amni Soul Eco®

More time with you. Less time on the planet.

Polyamide yarn with accelerated decomposition in landfills and oceans.

Amni Soul Eco®, the world's first polyamide yarn with additives to accelerate its decomposition in landfills, has now been improved to also reduce the environmental impact of microplastics generated in laundry that end up in marine environments.

Its improved formula allows its decomposition to be up to 10 times* faster in landfills and about 20 times** faster in the oceans, reducing the accumulation of textile waste on the planet and reducing the environmental impact of the textile chain.

*Reference: ASTM D5511 - Standard Test Method for the Determination of Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastics Under High-solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions (equivalent to ISO 15985).
**Reference: ASTM D6691 - Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in Marine Environment.


Durability: More time with you.

Amni Soul Eco® has all the important characteristics of polyamide 6.6, such as great dimensional stability, low coefficient of friction, greater mechanical strength, dyeability in vivid colors and resistance to fading. In practice, in addition to great comfort, fast drying and no need to iron, a piece made with this yarn has a long useful life as it does not wear out or fray easily, in addition to keeping its colors vivid for a long time. That is, it resists the damage caused by use and washing for longer than many other materials.

Accelerated decomposition: less time on the planet.

The new formulation of Amni Soul Eco® has an additive that activates the accelerated decomposition of its microplastics in two different environments:

  • In landfills, after disposal, it completely decomposes 10 times faster than a common synthetic fiber.
  • In the oceans, when generated in the washing of clothes, eliminating its persistence about 20 times faster than other similar threads.

More sustainable manufacturing

Since its birth, Amni Soul Eco® has been concerned with the impact it is leaving on the planet. Thus, Solvay's textile yarn production chain was designed to minimize its environmental footprint from the birth of the yarn's raw material in Paulínia (SP) to its production in Santo André (SP):

  • Local supply chain.
  • Closed water cycle.
  • Produced in Brazil, where more than 80% of the energy matrix is from renewable sources.
  • Greenhouse gas abatement unit among the 10 largest projects of its kind in the world.
  • ISO 14000, one of the world's most rigorous management systems for Responsible Care.
  • Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) certification for biodiversity protection (fauna and flora).
  • Oekotex® certified. It has no toxic components in its formulation. Tested to ASTM E1963.

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