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INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide Pico & PicoPlus

Industry leading purity for the electronics industry

Imagine being asked to locate a grain of salt lying somewhere on a soccer field. That is the level (single digit parts per trillion) to which metallic impurities in Solvay’s INTEROX® Pico Hydrogen Peroxide need to be detected and eliminated. Together with almost equally demanding purity requirements for anionic and organic impurities there are only a few companies in the world able to meet the most exacting requirements of the leading semiconductor manufacturers.

INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide Pico and PicoPlus are two of a range of Electronic Wet Chemicals produced by Solvay’s GBU Special Chem (others include Hydrofluoric Acid). Used primarily in the cleaning and etching stages of semiconductor chip production demand is growing rapidly for these materials as the leading semiconductor manufacturers continue to innovate to keep pace with “Moore’s Law” (doubling the number of transistors on integrated circuits every two years) in a process which drives the continuous performance improvement in all our computers, smart phones and other electronic devices.


  • INTEROX® Pico 
  • INTEROX® PicoPlus

Features & benefits

INTEROX® Pico grades, together with several other grades of ultra pure H2O2 produced by the GBU offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Industry leading levels of purity and consistency
  • Industry leading analytical capabilities to support end users Quality Management systems
  • Packaging options from small packs, drums and IBC’s to 20 Mt ISO tanks
  • Identical manufacturing process in place in plants in Europe, USA and Asia (a key consideration for global semiconductor producers looking for consistency in their operations)
  • Comprehensive Quality Management system which is aligned with those of the end users


  • Semiconductors
  • Flat Panel Display 
  • Photovoltaic
  • MEMS / LED fabrication


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