Solutions for the Disinfection of Wastewaters

As global pollution continues to increase, municipal wastewater treatment plants are challenged to meet stringent requirements in terms of efficiency of the processes and final quality of waters.

Solvay’s solutions for the disinfection of municipal wastewaters help achieve today’s most stringent sanitation standards. Our materials enable the disinfection of water for safe reuse in irrigation and recreation while ensuring cost-efficiency and ease of processing.


Solvay’s High-Performance Disinfectants for Wastewaters

Solvay’s peroxides for the disinfection of municipal wastewaters provide sustainability and cost-efficiency benefits of the highest standard for facilities. 

Our peracetic acid-based formulations, OXYSTRONG®, enables the efficient disinfection of treated wastewater without producing chlorinated byproducts. Additionally, Solvay’s INTEROX® is a hydrogen peroxide product designed to remove impurities during water treatment processes, such as metals and inorganic and organic pollutants.