Products for Efficient Wastewater Disinfection

Solvay’s peracetic acid-based formulations and hydrogen peroxide solutions for wastewaters provide outstanding disinfection technology that addresses the most challenging issues concerning cost-efficiency, sustainability, pollution, odor control, and more.

  • OXYSTRONG® - This peracetic-acid-based formulation decreases the risk of waterborne infections without producing harmful chlorinated and halogenated byproducts. OXYSTRONG® is known for its oxidizing power and broad-spectrum biocidal properties, which enable the removal of pollutants from municipal wastewater.
  • INTEROX® - Known for reducing COD and BOD traces in wastewater, INTEROX® is a hydrogen peroxide product that effectively destroys organic pollutants to produce easily biodegradable products. INTEROX® also eliminates odors from sulfur and inorganic pollutants, as well as other harmful substances without generating residue