Leading Algae Control Solutions for Drinking Water Treatment

As the global population grows, pressures to meet increasing water demands require sustainable drinking water purification technologies. Many water bodies used to source drinking water contain toxic algae, which must be removed for compliance with safety and regulatory requirements. With available freshwater supplies becoming scarcer, algae control is increasingly critical in treating drinking water.

Solvay provides drinking water treatment companies with a unique selection of algae control products to meet today’s most stringent performance standards. From premium grades of sodium percarbonates to high-purity hydrogen peroxides, our portfolio of algae control solutions includes various drinking water treatment chemicals. With global product availability and backed by strong technical support, Solvay remains a top supplier of algae control chemicals for leading drinking water treatment services.


High-Purity Algae Control for Drinking Water Treatment 

Solvay offers a range of sodium percarbonates and hydrogen peroxides specifically designed for algae control. PAK® 27 is a sodium percarbonate algaecide approved for use by the EPA in the United States for the selective control of blue-green algae in lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, irrigation, and more. Our INTEROX® hydrogen peroxides are a family of versatile H2O2 products that prevent the proliferation of algae and reduce harmful odors. These specialty chemicals can reduce costs through more effective algae control while simultaneously improving the safety and quality of global drinking water.