Water Treatment Solutions for Preoxidation and Metal Precipitation 

With a growing global population, water treatment companies are pressured to meet challenging processing demands using new water sources. These sources require thorough treatment and typically the use of chlorine, as they often contain organic pollutants from various sewage and industrial effluents, and even heavy metals. 

Solvay offers a leading hydrogen peroxide solution to facilitate easy and effective treatment for better metal and organic control. These peroxide-based solutions can be used in preoxidation processes in municipal and drinking water production to neutralize pollutants and prevent the precipitation of metals such as manganese and iron.


Peroxides: A Leading Contributor to Cleaner Water

Solvay’s INTEROX® Standard Grade hydrogen peroxide offers exceptional benefits in preoxidation. This versatile, high-purity hydrogen peroxide limits the generation of chlorinated byproducts for better-tasting drinking water and safer municipal water. Additionally, INTEROX® aids metal precipitation to meet increasingly stringent sustainability regulations and tougher discharge limits in the water treatment industry.