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Gadolinium oxides

Solvay's High Purity Gadolinium Specialties

Gadolinium is a light rare earth element, identified with the atomic number 64 and the symbol Gd on the periodical table of elements.

Backed by its know-how in the chemical industry, Solvay offers high purity gadolinium oxides for various applications.

Gadolinium Oxide for Medical Applications

Solvay's medical Gadolinium oxide is used as a contrast agent for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, as an enhancer of the scan clarity. Our product shows very high purity (99,99%), tight specifications, and is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), thus fulfilling the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations.

Gadolinium Oxide for Nuclear Applications

Solvay's high purity Gadolinium oxide is a reaction control agent used in nuclear fuel pellets of rods, to limit reactivity and enable longer fuel life.

Gadolinium Oxide for Industrial Applications

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