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The dedicated aftersales solution for diesel particle filter regeneration and cleaning

Thanks to its strong 20 years' experience in fuel additives for the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) regeneration (see Eolys® fuel-borne catalyst product range), Solvay has developed a new range dedicated to the aftermarket : Regeflex® 

Since the implementation of European Regulation Euro5 in 2009, all diesel vehicles sold in Europe are DPF equipped. Intense and extended urban driving cycles can lead DPF malfunctions, for which Regeflex® is the ideal solution. 

Features & Benefits

Added directly into the fuel tank, Regeflex® : 

  • Boosts DPF regeneration
  • Rapidly restores DPF performance thus reducing soot emissions
  • Restores engine power, fuel efficiency, and lowers combustion temperature for optimal DPF regeneration
  • Prevents fuel-injector fouling

Regeflex® is available in two different grades :

  • Regeflex® 500 : for a curative treatment - 1 l dose is sufficient to treat 40-60 liters of fuel
  • Regeflex® 300 : for a preventive treatment - 250 ml dose to treat 40-60 liters of fuel (long-lasting effect : up to 5.000 km, ie for several DPF regenerations)


Regeflex® can be used for all diesel engines and with all types of DPFs
Particularly suited for city driving conditions


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