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Waste water treatment plant

Peroxides Water Treatment Solutions

Supplying the highly-regulated water treatment market with a wide range of Peroxides solutions

Water is an essential part of life. It grows the food we eat, runs through the neighborhoods where we live ౼ without it, we literally cannot survive. What’s more, nearly every industry on the planet relies on water to process and produce goods and services. And not just any water ౼ an enormous amount of high-quality water that guarantees the integrity of any product with which it comes into contact. Solvay applies its expertise to water treatment processes and disinfection, ensuring supply, safety and responsible release back into the environment. 

Water pouring in two hands

Market snapshot

As populations grow, quality of life standards climb and food production soars, the need for clean water only escalates. Today, industries, municipalities and waste water stations face mounting challenges as they juggle this need for water with water scarcity issues and environmental and sustainability concerns. Water and wastewater treatments have come a long way and we are now able to transform water from any natural source into potable water, to treat industrial and waste waters for reuse or safe release back to bodies of water assuring, thanks to specific skills and extensive knowledge, to meet quality standards, to respect the environment and to comply with regulations.

Our promise

At Solvay, we understand the complexities in the water treatment industry and the various challenges that our clients face every day. We believe that water is a precious resource and must be treated accordingly. This is why we work tirelessly, first and foremost, to preserve it, to reduce the consumption and then to treat the waste water in a way that is safe for humans and the environment. We help our clients meet stringent regulations that control the risk of waterborne infections, allow for a high recycling rate in the industry, properly discharge water in a way that preserves the environment and improve water for human consumption production process. 

At the same time, we draw upon a wide range of skills and expertise ౼ both internally and through strategic partnerships ౼ to ensure the implementation of sustainable treatment systems and technologies. In our lab in Lyon, France, we develop our industry know-how to help our clients reach water recyclability, air emissions and soil remediation targets. In our lab in Shanghai, China, a team of experts, part of the alliance between Solvay and Suez, screen among the most effective available technologies to provide our customers with the optimized solution for industrial water treatment.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond what is simply required of us; we design solutions that replace or reduce chlorine based chemical dosage, preserve aquatic environments and marine life and limit the environmental damage ౼ all the while guaranteeing the safety and quality of treated water

Our water solutions

Industrial wastewater treatment

In highly polluted industrial waters, whether used alone or in an advanced oxydation process (AOP) in combination with other technologies like ozone, UV lights or catalysts, INTEROX Standard Grade can efficiently reduce COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) by oxidatively destroying the majority of organic pollutants to produce innocuous or easily biodegradable products.

INTEROXⓇ Standard Grade also eliminates odors from sulphur and organic pollutants, removes traces of cyanide, removes colour, metals and other inorganic species without generating residue. The low environmental impact of INTEROXⓇ Standard Grade helps our customers minimize the generation of chlorinated by products and meet increasingly stringent regulations and tougher discharge limits imposed by sustainability trends.

Waste water treatment systems in an industrial site

Municipal wastewater treatment

A critical step in municipal wastewater treatment is the final disinfection of the water prior to discharge into the environment or reuse for irrigation and recreational purposes. PROXITANE and OXYSTRONG, Solvay’s Peracetic Acid (PAA) based formulations, have strong oxidizing power and broad spectrum biocidal properties that efficiently remove pathogens from treated wastewater decreasing the risk of waterborne infections without generation of dangerous halogenated by-products. It is an economically viable and sustainable alternative to chlorine-based products.

Fresh water and ground water treatment in drinking water production

INTEROX Standard Grade can be used in pre-oxidation in drinking water production process to neutralize the pollutants presents in fresh and ground waters, reducing micropollutants and preventing the proliferation of algae and the precipitation of metals such as manganese and iron. INTEROX Standard Grade application in pre-oxidation significantly reduces the total amount of chlorinated products resulting in better-tasting water and reduction in the formation of trihalomethanes by-products of chlorinated chemicals when reacting with organic matter in the water.

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