Code of Business Integrity 

Our Code of Business Integrity is the cornerstone of our Ethics & Compliance Program. It applies to every Solvay employee, regardless of location or role, and to all third parties acting on Solvay’s behalf.

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Supplier Code of Business Integrity

The Supplier Code of Business Integrity applies to all Solvay suppliers of goods or services. We encourage our suppliers to implement its requirements and to actively promote best practices and continuous improvement.

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Ethics & Compliance Policies

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Solvay prohibits bribery and corruption in any form, including facilitation payments. This policy provides a framework of rules and procedures to detect, prevent, and address potential violations of Anti-Corruption and commercial Bribery laws.
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Policy on Gifts, Entertainment, Charitable Donations and Sponsorship

This policy provides a framework of rules and procedures when exchanging Gifts and Entertainment; making Charitable Donations; and Sponsoring Events, including use of the Gifts and Entertainment Tracking System (GETS).
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Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy identifies and establishes how to address potential conflict of interests.
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Data Protection Policy

Solvay respects the privacy of its customers, suppliers, employees, and other individuals with whom we interact and conduct business.

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Human Rights in Business Policy

Solvay’s strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility includes the protection and advancement of human rights. In addition to our policy, Solvay developed an ESG risk management system for our supply chain that includes human rights matters. This approach enables us to identify risks, assess their severity and triggers mitigation plans whenever necessary. The Ethics Helpline is also open to third parties to report suspected violations of human rights.

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Trade Compliance Policy

Solvay observes and supports all laws and regulations governing the export, transfer and import of products, technologies, software, services, and information throughout the world, and complies with regulations that govern doing business in embargoed countries, people or organizations. 

For detailed information on the Solvay Group Trade Compliance Policy, please contact our Ethics & Compliance team (