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Solvay cleaning solutions

Solvay debuts Augeo® carbon neutral portfolio at American Cleaning Institute’s 2024 annual meeting

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Solvay’s Coatis business to showcase its innovative bio-based, carbon neutral cleaning products for US and South American markets

Solvay will be among the world’s leading companies in the global cleaning product supply chain at the 2024 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting & Industry Convention. The industry’s premier business-to-business event is slated for Jan. 29 - Feb. 2, 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

Aligned with ACI’s 2024 convention theme, “Advancing Cleaning Innovation,” Solvay will present its latest product launches in bio-based, readily biodegradable and high-performance solvents, including a new carbon neutral product for air care, home, and institutional cleaning.

“Each year, ACI offers great opportunities to connect with other industry leaders and customers,“ said Andrea Jara, Solvay’s Global Sales Director - Coatis Global Business Unit. “After 2023’s successful product launch in Brazil, Solvay is excited to leverage ACI’s global stage and introduce our Augeo® carbon neutral cleaning products for the U.S., Asian and additional South American markets.” 

Jara continued, “Solvay’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond individual products. The launch of our carbon neutral portfolio represents another big step in honoring this commitment.”

The Augeo® Carbon Neutral portfolio was developed in alignment with Solvay’s commitment to product innovation and emission reduction. Augeo Carbon Neutral products offer a bio-based solution, readily biodegradable and Low Volatile Organic Compounds (LVP-VOC), for use mainly in the cleaning and air care industry.  

In addition to the Augeo® Carbon Neutral products, Solvay team members attending ACI will showcase other innovative cleaning products including:

  • Solsys® Bio Etac, an ethyl acetate made entirely from renewable sources, with sugarcane-derived ethanol among its raw materials; and
  • Hexylene Glycol, a readily biodegradable solution derived from acetone and mainly used as a solvent or coupling agent.

So, how did we get here? In 2005, Solvay’s São Paulo-based Paulína Industrial Plant announced plans to reduce emissions from operations and energy consumption. Since those efforts began, the plant has achieved a 95% reduction in emissions. To offset remaining product emissions from raw materials use and manufacturing operations, Solvay purchases and retires carbon credits generated by an Amazon rainforest-based, reforestation project. Based in Brazil’s Mato Grosso State, the project uses native trees from the Amazon Forest region. This innovative sustainability process is managed by Brazil’s Office National des Forêts (ONF Brazil).

ACI attendees are invited to meet with Solvay team members to learn more about the company’s innovative and diverse product portfolio.  To schedule a meeting,  please contact Vincent Enaux, Regional Sales & Marketing Director - North America at

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Solvay cleaning solutions

Solvay debuts Augeo® carbon neutral portfolio at American Cleaning Institute’s 2024 annual meeting


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