Effective Algae Control for Drinking Water Treatment 

Solvay’s PAK® 27 sodium percarbonate and INTEROX® hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) products enable effective algae control in today’s most advanced drinking water treatment plants. These specialty algae control chemicals offer simple and sustainable solutions that result in safer, better-tasting water. We work closely with our customers and partners to test solutions and determine the most suitable dosages to optimize cost-performance ratios.


  • PAK® 27 Sodium Percarbonate - PAK® 27 is an EPA-approved grade of sodium percarbonate composed of solid granules that allow for the controlled release of oxygen, which mitigates algae blooms in various bodies of water. This high-quality algaecide or algaestat is approved for algae control in lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, irrigation, drainage and conveyance ditches, canals, laterals, estuaries, bayous, lagoons, water gardens and water features, impounded water and wastewater, and aquaculture. 
  • INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide - This high-purity H2O2 product can be used for pre-oxidation in drinking water production to reduce the proliferation of algae. INTEROX® is an environmentally-friendly algae control solution that can reduce water treatment costs and generates zero chlorinated byproducts.