Requirements for Solvay Suppliers

  1. Purchase Order

    • PO is mandatory for any delivery

    • Confirm within 5 days the PO conditions sent to you online by clicking on the email link sent with the purchase order (via ARIBA Network email or Solvay email)

    • Ensure that the email address where we send the Solvay Purchase Order is provided. In case it is not up to date, please send the correct email address by using this webform in case you receive the purchase orders via Solvay email or update it directly in ARIBA Network in case you receive the purchase orders via ARIBA.
  2. Delivery

    • Confirm the delivery date on the Solvay PO. 
  3. Invoice Tracking

    • Follow up your invoice and payment status via our “Track your invoice” page for further information
  4. Paying on time

    • Invoice must mention a Purchase Order

    • Invoice must be sent via the recommended solution

    • 1 Invoice per Solvay PO

    • Bank details must be communicated to, before sending your invoice

    • Accounts receivable email address must be provided 

Solvay Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions