Tailormade silica technology for stronger and environmentally friendly tires

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What if we could have our car rolling on stronger and sustainable tires with no trade-offs? Solvay’s tailormade silica, combined with chemically optimised synthetic rubber, is capable of interacting at a molecular level directly on the gum to deliver outstanding environmentally-friendly features.

Beyond the main goal of ensuring tire wear performance, extra focus was placed on guaranteeing lower rolling resistance and no trade-offs for other important performances of TECHSYN. The silica innovation at the heart of TECHSYN allows doing exactly that,” explains Guilherme Brunetto, Solvay’s R&I TECHSYN Innovation Project Leader. 

How does TECHSYN innovation augment the sustainable performance of tires? Here’s explained

TECHSYN has in fact the unique ability to balance a tire’s performance across rolling resistance, wear and wet grip, and can be further adapted to meet varying needs. TECHSYN enables tires to achieve up to 30 per cent better wear efficiency and rolling resistance that is reduced by up to six per cent, compared to other conventional Bridgestone EMIA summer products, without compromising any other existing performance areas. The newly rolled out technology augments the sustainable performance of the tires it’s applied to by reducing overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and enhancing tread mileage. TECHSYN’s durability extends the designed lifespan of tires to ultimately result in a tire that needs to be changed less frequently.

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Record-breaking plant-to-market that won’t stop here

From concept to reality in 24 months only!

Transformed from concept to reality in just 24 months  (two-party collaborations typically take 5 to 8 years), TECHSYN was made possible thanks to the unique cooperation and understanding between the three companies and profound combined knowledge of molecular mechanisms.

TECHSYN has been designed to bring its benefits to various tire categories and vehicles and, thanks to the unique flexibility it enables, can do so in combination with Bridgestone’s other leading tire technologies.

Bridgestone is now preparing implementation of TECHSYN for mass production for various tire categories and vehicles. Our collaboration with Bridgestone and ARLANXEO won’t finish here as we have already developed a roadmap of technologies where close collaboration will be essential to move along the pattern identified with TECHSYN and create even more effective synergies. 

Every member contributed and collaborated to make this partnership a success fulfilling our purpose of bonding people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress. I am very proud of the whole team! The development of the breakthrough tire technology - TECHSYN - results from a way of working (WoW) that has never been seen in the industry. Our WoW was an open book with Bridgestone and ARLANXEO and that allowed us to develop the newest, most advanced Silica that brings the highest performance when combining Bridgestone, ARLANXEO and Solvay technologies. Partnerships and collaboration are key to providing innovative sustainability solutions for our planet and building stronger business.

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Solvay GBU Silica President
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TECHSYN tire technology platform

How to reduce CO2 when driving? Quite literally, by reinventing the wheel

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Tailormade solution for the automotive industry

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