Improving Glass Strength and Aesthetics

Glass is one of the most versatile materials used throughout the construction industry. It can be tailored to offer aesthetic value, acoustic control, protection from light and heat, and varying degrees of strength, among other beneficial advantages. Glass manufacturers continue to search for materials that exhibit excellent surface quality and strength for ever-more durable and reliable structures. Solvay offers glass production and glass polishing products that meet and exceed market standards. Our advanced materials are preferred by manufacturers for their industry-proven performance and global availability.


Solvay’s Products for Glass 

Our portfolio of solutions optimize the strength and aesthetic properties of glass construction materials. Solvay’s specialized products are designed to enhance polishing and the surface properties of glass. Our products for glass production and glass polishing include trusted brands such as SODA SOLVAY® DENSE, Potassium bifluoride (KHF2), Cerox®  and AMBI® - Ammonium Bifluoride.