Industry-Leading Materials  for Energy Efficient Heat Exchangers Technologies

The automotive industry’s sustainability standards evolve constantly, and manufacturers must prioritize energy-efficient solutions for internal combustion engines that support lightweighting and performance optimization. Efficient, high-performance heat exchangers like radiators, condensers, evaporators and heater cores rely on aluminum brazing for heat exchangers as the preferred production process in their construction. 

Solvay is a global market leader for non corrosive fluxes for heat exchangers. Our products for automotive thermal management remain the industry standard because of their high resistance properties. Improved corrosion resistance in standard automotive applications, formability and high thermal conductivity make Solvay’s materials for heat exchangers the superior solution for automotive manufacturers.

Non-Corrosive Fluxes in Aluminum Brazing for Heat Exchangers

Aluminum brazing joins heat exchanger components with a brazing alloy whose melting point is appreciably lower than that of the components. This brazing alloy is usually placed adjacent to or in between the components to be joined and the assembly is then heated to a temperature where the brazing alloy melts but not the components. The Nocolok® flux products dissolve the surface oxides and guarantee the perfect alloy flow. Upon cooling, the brazing alloy forms a metallurgical bond between the joining surfaces of the components.

Automotive heat exchangers can experience 10% improvement in energy efficiency with Solvay’s non-corrosive fluxes compared to mechanically-assembled heat exchangers. The Nocolok® brand of flux products includes the full spectrum of aluminum brazing supplies and services, in addition to specialized know-how.