SAP Ariba

Solvay has chosen SAP Ariba platform to transform the way we interact with our supplier for the PO & Invoices management. 
This tool is available in 21 languages

The use of the platform is a commercial requirement and is FREE of charge for Solvay suppliers. 

You have received or you will receive an invitation letter from Solvay, inviting you to connect and work with SAP Ariba Platform.  

Once you are signed up and active on the Ariba platform, paper and PDF invoices are no longer accepted by Solvay.

If you have not yet received an invitation letter to join the SAP Ariba platform, please use the current process. 


Solvay's suppliers standard account onboarding

main steps SAP Ariba


  1. You will receive an informative email from Solvay presenting the SAP Ariba Network
  2. You will receive your next Purchase Order (PO) via email with a link to SAP Ariba Platform
  3. You will click on PO to create your account on the platform
  4. You can either:
    • Register as New User on SAP Ariba and sign up or,
    • Login into your existing SAP Ariba account to merge with Solvay's account
  5. Don't forget to fill out your company details and you are ready to start using SAP Ariba
  6. From now on, you can confirm all your PO and create all your Invoices in SAP Ariba!

Help and Tutorials

Introduction & Connection to SAP Ariba

Solvay has developed tutorials in English to help you to work with the platform SAP Ariba but detailed tutorials, library and help center are also available in your own language on SAP Ariba help center.

Manage an account

Create a new SAP Ariba account

If you do not have yet an SAP Ariba Account.



Register and merge accounts (if you already have an SAP Ariba Account)

If you have already and SAP Ariba account, you can merge your current account with the Solvay one and delete what is bracket.


Upgrade to an SAP Ariba Enterprise account

If you have been invited to connect as standard account, you can upgrade for free to an enterprise account 

Find a submitted Invoice and check status

Take a look to our dedicated page if you want to learn more on your invoices status