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Hydrogen peroxide for electrical vehicle battery recycling 

INTEROX® VOLT enhances recovery of valuable metals from used batteries addressing the growing need for a sustainable recycling process for end-of-life batteries and circular economy requirement of reducing natural resources consumption.

Solvay serves hydrogen peroxide in a wide range of 30% to 70% concentration, in many packaging forms and in bulk. 

Our production process and technical expertise ensure the highest quality standards, achieving purity levels according to your specification requirements. 


Main benefits of INTEROX® VOLT

INTEROX® VOLT can be used in leaching processes to recover valuable metals (such as cobalt, nickel, manganese) from spent batteries.

  • Enhanced recovery rates: INTEROX® VOLT enhances the overall recovery rates of valuable metals, improving the recycling process’ economical viability.
  • Versatile application: INTEROX® VOLT can be employed in recycling of various types of batteries (e.g. NMC, NCA, LFP) showcasing its versatility.
  • Reduced environmental impact: INTEROX® VOLT is an environmentally friendly chemical that does not generate harmful by-products, does not introduce contaminants to the leached solution and allows improvement of energy consumption in the recycling process.

    Enhanced recovery from Black Mass Leaching - Interox


Choosing Solvay’s global presence

Solvay is the top manufacturer of hydrogen peroxide in the world. Founded in 1863 and in business for over 160 years, we have a long-term commitment and vision toward providing our customers high quality and consistent products at competitive prices.

Safe handling and set-up of hydrogen peroxide

Safety is one of Solvay's primary concerns. Because hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidant, proper handling is crucial to ensure safe operation. When handling hydrogen peroxide, it is imperative that all equipment used  is properly designed and constructed from compatible and passivated material. Not only can Solvay assist you in setting up an efficient system, but more information will be provided to you.


Discover other INTEROX® applications

Solvay’s INTEROX® range of high purity Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is available in different grades. Our top quality H2O2 products include aseptic grade, cosmetic grade, pharma grade, electronic grade and food grade hydrogen peroxide. 

Hydrogen Peroxide range


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