Improving Emission Control Catalyst Solutions

Automotive manufacturers rely on Solvay’s advanced polymer additives for superior emissions control solutions. Our portfolio of emission control catalyst additives enables manufacturers to develop solutions that reduce fuel consumption, minimize pollutants emissions and increase thermal resistance and stability.

  • Actalys® & Optalys® - These performance materials are used in conjunction with Solvay’s range of high stability alumina and are essential ingredients in the manufacturing of automotive catalysts. They offer outstanding thermal stability for long-life catalysts, low precious metal loading and enhanced durability. Additionally, Actalys® and Optalys® provide a stable surface area and high accessible oxygen storage capacity. They are available in a wide range of grades for extensive use in a number of automotive emission control catalyst technologies. These products are optimal for gasoline and diesel vehicles. 
  • Eolys PowerFlex® - Eolys PowerFlex® is a fuel-borne catalyst that facilitates fast and complete particulate filter regeneration, eliminating 99.9% of emitted particles. This advanced additive is specially designed for reliability and flexibility in DPF regeneration under city driving conditions, cold vehicle operations and use in high sulfur fuels countries.