High-Performance, Eco-Friendly Material Solutions for Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is essential for today’s houses, commercial complexes, industrial structures and public buildings. Polyurethane (PUR) foams and glass wool remain among the most efficient thermal insulation materials, requiring critical building blocks such as blowing agents and soda ash. 

Solvay’s portfolio of thermal insulation materials is optimal for OEMs facing ever-more stringent building requirements and challenging market demands. Our high-performance and eco-friendly solutions for thermal insulation provide a variety of unique properties, including enhanced safety, lack of odor chemical stability and more.

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Sustainable Brands for Improved Thermal Insulation

With an expansive selection of material solutions for thermal insulation applications, Solvay is a crucial contributor to the building market. We offer a range of foaming and blowing agents as well as soda ash for best-in-class thermal insulation. Our broad portfolio of sustainable brands includes SOLKANE®, Alve-One®, Galden® PFPE and Soda Solvay® Dense. 

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