Solvay Heanor specialises in various technologies for the composites industry


Heanor's Research and Innovation Center is dedicated to formulating new resin systems and developing new products. 

The production facility focuses on the manufacture of prepregs (the combination of  woven or unidirectional glass or carbon fibre with resin) via the hot-melt production method. 

Finally the application centre develops new technologies and processes for the adoption of composites in high volume markets such as automotive or aerospace.

Solvay Heanor dates back to 1975 and currently employs around 200 people in production, R&I, technical service, finance, human resources, logistics and procurement.  Solvay Heanor’s products are supplied to many industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Motorsports, Wind, Marine, Rail, and Sports & Leisure. The facility is certified to ISO 9001, AS 9100.

Heanor is part of the global Solvay Composite Materials business.